How to create your own product photos like the experts

Sue Stratford Author of 8 successful knitting books

I have had the pleasure of knowing Sue Stratford as a very good friend for over 14 years and working with her for the past 10 years ūüôā

You may know her as Sue Stratford Knits or her blog Knitting & Gin (which is her fun and nonsense blog Рwell worth a read!)

Since I’ve known her she has amazed me with her¬†fantastic¬†knitting designs and creations. She¬†has authored¬†8 successful knitting books designed around gorgeous characters and animals,¬†starting with the well known¬†Meerkat characters.

This has led to her creating and designing patterns for mini Christmas knits, cats, dogs, chickens, birds and not only these but the clothes they wear !!

I have photographed her products for Amazon, her website and blog РSue says

“What I do is visual, people need to look at a photo of one of my creations¬†and¬†be inspired to have a go at creating their own version.

Good photography¬†helps me to see my designs as a customer will see it, which makes me feel more confident that what I have created will work and bring my knitting friends joy to have a go and create their own!”

Top Tips to achieve success with your product designs:

  1. If you know your brand and style it’s important to capture it in your photos. Sue knows what looks good for her and that its all in the detail. “My knitting clients can¬†clearly see the proportions of the knitted product and can sometimes even use the image to count how many stitches between sections such as between the eyes¬†– my designs are small so this is really helpful!”
  2. You need to remember that websites such as require images on a white background at a specific size and shape, so make sure you have your products taken on a clean white backdrop to show them to their best.
  3. It’s also¬†a good idea to mix this up with a range of natural location shots which are perfect for Instagram and blogging – it can show how the product is made or behind the scenes on how you were inspired to take your idea from a sketch book into a product.

4. Plan your photos as soon as possible, if you are going to work with a photographer then it’s better to talk through your ideas early so they can help to capture your products the way you visualise. If you are going to do the photos yourself then plan a location and what you need to get a professional look and finish.

5. Most importantly celebrate your talent and enjoy the process, I am in awe of clients who are creative and can achieve their dreams.

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