How To Prepare For Your Newborn Baby Photo Session

I have been photographing newborn babies for many years now and I love it 🙂

Before I book a newborn photo shoot with parents I like to go through a simple list of things to expect from the photo session. It helps to put their minds at rest and maps out clearly what they need to bring.

I am lucky to get to photograph most of my couples or mums-to-be before the baby arrives. It’s so great to capture some beautiful pregnancy photos of them before little one arrives, which is always such a special time.

At the bump shoot we get to chat in person about what the newborn photo shoot will be like and keep their expectations real !!

There are so many fabulous inspirational photos around that can imply that everything will be perfectly smooth and little one will sleep perfectly for the whole time to allow me to move him or her into any position I want 🙂 So here’s what you will need to plan for 🙂

  1. The newborn photo session will be booked when baby is around 4 – 10 days old. Newborn shoots can go up to 3 weeks but if you really want those precious curled up photos then the first 2 weeks are the best time.
  2. I ask parents to bring a special blanket, cuddly toy and hat/hair band that they love or have been given as a special gift and would like included to keep as part of a special memory.
  3. The photo session can take up to 2 hours so be prepared to be at the studio for more than the normal 45 minute photo session.
  4. The room will be extremely warm to keep little one comfortable whilst their clothes are removed, keep this in mind as it will mean parents might want to also wear some light weight clothing, so as not to over heat!
  5. Be prepared to feel sleepy 🙂 After a broken night sleep you may find that the warmth in the room will make you feel tired. I sometimes have parents taking a quick 10 minute snooze 🙂
  6. The first part of the session is usually with little one alone either on a soft beanbag with blankets or in an agreed basket/ baby prop.
  7. Parents will be asked to help spot the baby whilst the photos are being taken. Which means that they will be close by to make sure the baby is safe and happy.
  8. The photo shoot is all about the baby and their health and safety is of paramount importance, so the photographer should be trained to know how to handle babies and to safely get baby into the cute positions safely. Babies are wonderful as if they are not happy they will let you know pretty quickly 🙂
  9. The end of the photo session is usually with mum and dad involved so that you have a gorgeous first family portrait to end the session.
  10. I ask Mums to come in neutral clothing such as black, navy, white or grey. I also tell them that they can put on make up when they are at the session so as not to stress them before getting out of the door.
  11. The session will end with giving details on when, where and how you will be able to view your photos.
  12. It’s important to stay relaxed, as the more relaxed mum and dad is the calmer and happier the baby will be.

I hope this helps to know what to expect and gives you confidence to get your newborn little one photographed at this precious time.

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